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You have to experience it. 

Since the beginning of LFM we have partnered with mission teams from around the world. Short-Term Missions is a great way to reach out to the community and help start relevant churches in the surrounding area. Here at La Fuente we have hosted youth groups, construction teams, family teams, and teams of medical personnel who come to Mexico to mark the lives and hearts of the locals. We invite you to be a part of what the Lord is doing through LFM. Here you will find a lot of helpful information to help you in your planning process. Any questions can be directed to the following email:


What to expect…

Depending on the type of team you bring down, there are several ministry options available. You may choose to visit any of La Fuente's churches in Mexico. Teams can visit Nayarit including Tepic our headquarters church or the Riviera Nayarit. Other can visit Tijuana BC or Guadalajara. The information found on this page is geared towards visiting youth and family groups. For more information regarding construction or medical ministry possibilities, feel free to contact us.

Your ministry…

A team prepared to minister here in Tepic usually brings down what we call a program. The program can consist of many things but usually includes dramas, dances, and kids club activities (clowns, games, puppets, candy, etc.). We leave this creativity up to you, and we are always available for ideas and help.

 Youth and family teams are also involved in construction, cleaning, and other physical work in our church plants, locals’ homes, and our main church building. Many visit our children's home called “Nanas House” or minister in the local Juvenile Hall. With many nearby churches there is an endless supply of ministry opportunities.


Typical Schedule & Activities for a Ten Day Visit:

Day 1: Arrival iand ground transportation to ministry location
Day 2: Prayer, Orientation, and Preparation.
Day 3-8: Ministry.
Day 9: Rest, Sight Seeing and Shopping.
Day 10: Departure.
The Typical Day Schedule:

7:00-8:00 – Wake up, Preparation, Team time (optional)
8:30 – Breakfast.
9:30 – Morning evangelism
1:30 – Lunch.
2:00-4:00 – Free time, preparation for afternoon outreach
4:00 – Afternoon evangelism
8:00 – Dinner.
What to Expect:

Electrical power 24/hours a day
Running water for toilets and showers
Laundry services available.
Internet access.
Shops and stores to purchase souvenirs.
US Dollars can easily be changed into Mexican Pesos. ATM machines are also available for money withdrawals
Close Hospitals and Pharmacies.
One thing to be aware of in Mexico is the drinking water. Tap water is unclean and should not be consumed LFM provides purified drinking water thoughout your stay. (Bottled water is accessible at any corner store).


A passport is now requiered for all travelers to Mexico. Personal identification or Passport will also be required to enter the Juvenile Hall.

Any minors not accompanied by both parents need an affidavit by both legal guardians authorizing them to travel abroad. (We can provide a downloadable pdf file of that form) Click here for more information on the consent form.

Personal Items:
Bible and a notebook
Personal Toiletries
Insect repellant
Sun screen
Personal first aid, aspirin, bandages, etc.
Camera; video, digital, or film are okay
Water bottle
Clothing Our only request with clothing is that it be somewhat modest and comfortable. Remember it can get hot, humid, and/or rainy. Pack light and don't bring anything you wouldn't want stolen.

Clothing to bring along:
Summer clothing, shorts and tee-shirts
A swimming suit
A sweater or jacket
Sandals and Tennis-shoes
Work clothes
Dress clothes for church services
Hat (optional)



By law, any minor (under 18 years of age) traveling internationally must have a guardianship form completed if they are traveling without one or both parents. The parent staying home and the parent traveling must complete this form. The traveling parent should be acknowledged as the child's guardian for the duration of the trip. If both parents are not traveling, they must complete this form and designate another adult traveler as the child's legal guardian for the duration of the trip. If one or both parents are deceased, a copy of the death certificate(s) must accompany the guardianship form, along with the evidence of sole custody or legal guardianship. If BOTH parents are traveling with the child, the guardianship form IS NOT necessary! Each form MUST be completed and notarized! The guardian/parent and the child must keep the original completed and notarized copy while traveling. Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions. 


Thanks for filling out form!

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